SP 4002 MAR 71

SP 4002

In March of 1971 my Dad took the train south to the San Jose branch office of the company that he worked for. I believe that this is in San Jose.

Regardless I really like the detail in this image, the open doors and the lubrication drips below the coupling knuckle.

There are a few photos at the rrarchives.net states that this engine ended up life in Utah. I recall seeing this and several other 4000 numbered Alcos in line there as well.

I suppose that I’ll find that box of slide photos as I trudge through the 60,000 or so.

SP 3026 MAR 71

Southern Pacific 3026 TRAIN MASTER
Train Master

Certainly in San Jose again. The Train Master was the SF Peninsula Commuter power for many years.

I Googled a bit for this data that shows only 14 units for Southern Pacific.

A bit of a rare one then.

SP 1831, 5119 & Undec.

Southern pacific 1831,5119 and an un decorated center cab
SP 1831, 5119 and a center cab

There are a bunch of SP prints in Dad’s stuff. Most have the Kodak date on the frame, but some don’t. No locations are noted and if you can help that would be terrific.

SP 1831 is an S4, I believe, based on the RR Archives although this unit isn’t there.

SP 5119 looks pretty rough here but it seems to be alive today : https://www.psrm.org/trains/diesel/sp-5119/

The mysterious Center Cab reminds me of the “Undec” that Walthers used to have listed.

SP 3189 June 77

Southern Pacific engine 3189
SP 3189
Southern Pacific engine 3189
SP 3189

These are from the previous box from 7th & Townsend in San Francisco. According to the RR Archives SP 3189 is a GP9R. When I saw this pair of images I was struck by how clean this unit looked. I mean, not disparage SP but some of their road units were pretty hammered by June of 1977 but this looked almost new at that time.

I started to zoom in and explore the image for clues to this cleanliness – the MU lines are clean and fresh, the lettering is sharp, paint looks good and there is very little fuel drip on the tanks.

Of course there are the number plates missing that expose the light bulbs but that’s cool – I didn’t know that there were regular light bulbs back there; I assumed florescent would be the specification.

Zoom in on left front of SP 3189 showing missing number panels that expose two round incandescent light bulbs and wires.
Missing Teeth

Then I started in on the lettering and spotted this :

zoomed in of side showing lettering on SP 3189 that seems to read ??????0-4-77-SAC.

This leads me to believe that the unit was fairly fresh when this image was made in June of 1977., but I wish I could read it better. …-rk

SP 3001, 3002, 3010, 3189 June 1977

Trains in front of a brick building
Baker & Hamilton June 1977

Strange coincidence to share today.

My Dad or brother Fred IV, had marked this slide “Briggsmore Ave Modesto”. I searched with the Google machine and didn’t locate any signs of rails currently on Briggsmore Ave in Modesto.

The next step was to look at the building signage: ” BAKER & HAMILTON SINCE 1849 ” and Wiki popped up : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_and_Hamilton_Building

After looking over that and Google man walking around and comparing the features I decided that the slide was indeed marked wrong.

The strange coincidence comes in with my wife, Dana, who temped in this same building when it housed Macromedia, now owned by Adobe. Well, Adobe owns the building and Dana works for Adobe now.

These GP9s and GP9R are ( I think ) tied up for the Peninsula Commuter here at what is known as 7th & Townsend in San Francisco.