June 1970

SP Blackwidow

Was passing a box of “ needs to scan” and this was an easy pick.

Look like S P 6423 to me.

July 1973 Milwaukee 873

The Milwaukee was one of Dad’s favorite roads to photograph.

He ( and later we ) would find and photograph the Milwaukee Road in our northern states summer trips.

This is from July 1973, Dad was working in the Portland office of his company and that meant weekends on the Milwaukee & SP&S instead of coming back to the SF Bay Area every weekend.

Here we have a tired slide that was shot on the dark side and has age spots – like me !

It looks a bit like a H.O. Model on my PC Screen.

Summer grass punctuated by a miniature monolith. Abandoned grey aged plank church, cows in distant, poles, wires and a pallet under the wire and along the old style concrete road way posts.

I really like it.

Milwaukee 873

Desert Running

I’m visiting the desert this week and it’s 102f in the shade.

I’m reminded of the days of summer travels with Dad and Mom and occasionally Brother Fred across California and Nevada and Utah.

The hot super dry air kicks my ass more now than then; I’m spoilt by ocean side living these last few seasons.

Yet the familiar sage, sand a Roadrunner that has been around the back yard throughout the day make me think of the long days on Hwy 50 “chasing” trains .

The road would humm under the G78-15 tires and the brick like aerodynamic shape of Harvey ( the truck ) made a jet like background noise.

There was usually a scanner blasting through an 8ohm dynamic single speaker facing the transmission hump and a Ford Factory speaker facing the windshield, searching for an AM signal that would drift in and out.

This image is from later years I suspect but it’s nostalgic as it is going to get on an iPhone.

UP 8444 leading an excursion .

Before and after Portland, Aug 1975

So lets see, 2019 – 1975 = 44 years !

Well I tried to get this lined up but Google Man will not walk down the track.

Still it makes sense to try the Before/After Slider Thing but you can see the spot here better on your own.

Maybe Google Man doesn’t want to crew with the track group spotted here in 2019.

MILW 5800 is a U36C according to the RR Archives and was scrapped in 1985

So let’s see 2019 – 1985 = 34 years !

August 1973 MILW 6002

Milwaukee Railroad engine number 6002
MILW 6002 GE U30B

Dad loved Washington and Oregon and the Milwaukee was there with his beloved SP&S.

This is August of 1973 and was probably a weekend between weeks that he had while working out of the Portland office.

See way before work at home and the internet, you actually had to leave your family behind and go to a different city to work when “Voluen-Told” to do so. Also that was how you proved your self & ascended in a company. Yep days gone by for sure.

Based on the RR Archive, this would have been five years into the upgrade from U28 to U30B.

I think that the Milwaukee is pretty special as well with their variety of equipment and their rural lines through the wilds of the high plains, into the northern midwest to the Lake Michigan. Some of my best childhood travels were along these lines and they are still discussed today on a Reddit thread occasionally..

Anyway here is to the simpler times and Kodachrome memories.

Portola Museum September 17th, 1996

Towards the end of his life, Dad was retired and restless. He spent a lot of time with my son and for that I am ever grateful.

Occasionally, he would feel well enough to take Mom and head to museums that he supported through donations, to “see where my money is going” and he’d smile.


This slide set is one photo with two approaches.

The first is only trimmed to avoid the second and Gimp did that for me – somehow. ( https://www.gimp.org/ ) but I cannot outsmart the colour adjusting.

I like Gimp and appreciate it but the wife works for Adobe.com and it is more powerful in a lot of ways so buy it please :0) I want to retire someday.


The WP Museum at Portola, California <<< CLICK THIS LINK AND SUPPORT is family friendly, has hands on opportunities and is living history.

I really appreciate the composition here and although slightly trimmed at the right, the depth is fascinating, to me anyway. Actually it looks like an H.O. model.

Image of the original slide in the mount.
That’s the way it goes !

And then there is the reality of the image. Not the end of roll where you often see these sorts of things, but right in the middle.

But it was (is) a keeper and you may want to while away some time at their gallery : https://www.wplives.org/gallery/home_page_cover_photos.html too.

Critter MAR 1991

photo of a white home made rail gasoline powered small vehicle with a trailer
Critter for Life

Here is a funny one. Seems to be home made or at least basic. The image is dark – sorry I am trying GIMP the freewear for images and its very different than Adobe Photoshop that is “too heavy” for the old lap top.

Anyway note the trailer and the fire extinguisher. No location noted