SP 3001, 3002, 3010, 3189 June 1977

Trains in front of a brick building
Baker & Hamilton June 1977

Strange coincidence to share today.

My Dad or brother Fred IV, had marked this slide “Briggsmore Ave Modesto”. I searched with the Google machine and didn’t locate any signs of rails currently on Briggsmore Ave in Modesto.

The next step was to look at the building signage: ” BAKER & HAMILTON SINCE 1849 ” and Wiki popped up : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_and_Hamilton_Building

After looking over that and Google man walking around and comparing the features I decided that the slide was indeed marked wrong.

The strange coincidence comes in with my wife, Dana, who temped in this same building when it housed Macromedia, now owned by Adobe. Well, Adobe owns the building and Dana works for Adobe now.

These GP9s and GP9R are ( I think ) tied up for the Peninsula Commuter here at what is known as 7th & Townsend in San Francisco.

November 1972 ATSF 9809

ATSF 9809 at Barstow, California in November of 1972.
Alco RSD15 Barstow, California

It’s November of 1972 and Fred was visiting Barstow, Pentax and zoom lens in hand, visiting the ATS Barstow shops. Also partially visible are ATSF 25 and ATSF 4579.

ATSF 25 Appears to be a freight F3B but someone will have to verify since I cannot locate ant information beyond this link and that looks to be Warbonnet; so I don’t know.

ATSF 4579 seems to be a SD26 but again my Google Skills have me asking for input on this as well.

Anyway, hope that this looks okay and you enjoy this image as I do.

My First Blog Post

Sharing railroad history is a duty…

“Never waste a minute thinking about people you don’t like.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower is my inspiration and has little to to with my father Fred Klyver III or my brother Fred Klyver IV, both of whom contributed to the photos herein. However, I do think that they would have agreed with “Ike” in this sentiment.

Therefore, I feel it is important to think of these two people I liked and also you, the follower that has an interest in the subjects shared here – 99.99% are trains.

These sides have been stored in their Kodak little yellow boxes since they were returned from developing and they serve no one in that capacity.

I hope that you enjoy these slides and can help identify the location of these photos – Dad never marked the slide location and FRED IV did so sparingly.

My goal is to “locate” all the images, mark them and then DONATE them to the appropriate Historical society. A friend once said “These slides are history, and they should be shared” and I have to agree.

P.S. This WordPress blog is an intended to share the photos beyond Facebook, where I have posted for many years. For some cool photos check there, I’ll be going onward here and sharing this there,,,, Does that make sense?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned & tell a friend about this site to spread the images,

peace …-rob klyver

SP Commuter bits

Pencil for scale
April 1965
Diamond2 4687 was out home phone number